France is Europe’s second largest market and Sweden’s ninth largest trading partner worldwide. Currently, more than 600 Swedish companies are established in France and are doing business through their own subsidiaries or via French distributors, agents or partners.

A substantial influx of medium and small-sized companies from Sweden in the last couple of years proves that France attracts both industry giants and start-ups, and many companies in between. 绝大多数人似乎对未来持乐观态度.

根据我们2020年法国商业环境调查的结果, 71 per cent of new entrants are planning to increase their investments in the market. Some 78 per cent of respondents reported profitability in the past 12 months and 51 per cent confirmed that their investment plans will remain unchanged or increase despite the recession triggered by the pandemic. 

为什么法国是一个受欢迎的目的地? While high corporate taxation and labour market regulations are deemed to be challenging, the market’s sheer size and the fact that it is home to many of Europe’s largest corporations make it attractive. 新冠肺炎带来的不确定性增加了, by all accounts, 并没有阻止日博备用网站公司押注法国的意愿.

Other advantages according to the respondents include the country’s advanced infrastructure and easy access to suppliers. In addition, 78 per cent of respondents believe that environmental aspects of products or services weigh heavily in their customers’ purchasing decisions.

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About the survey

This Business Climate Survey maps the opportunities and challenges that Swedish companies face in France and was conducted during spring 2020.


  • Economic outlook
  • The market
  • Key success factors
  • Sustainability performance