Sweden has a long-lasting trade relationship with the UK. Throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, approximately 1,500 Swedish and Swedish-related companies have established an office, and there are many more businesses that export from Sweden to the UK.

There is no doubt that the global Covid-19 crisis has major effects on the world economy, and Swedish trade with the UK is no exception. The destabilizing economic effect of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine also has a global reach. Furthermore, the longer-term effects of Brexit are increasingly apparent.

However, a key finding of the 2022 Business Climate Survey is that the UK remains a very important market for Swedish companies and that the trust in economic recovery is high among respondents.

Similarly to 2021, in 2022 as a whole, Swedish respondents perceive the UK business climate very positively, with over 61 per cent of companies rating it as good or very good. Sweden as a country has a solid brand reputation in the UK. 73 per cent of respondents estimate that the “Swedish brand” positively contributes to their business in the UK, and of this share, an impressive 56 per cent believe it contributes greatly.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis. 


The Business Climate Survey is a tool developed to map the opportunities and challenges that Swedish companies face when doing business in the UK. This report presents the conclusions drawn from the survey and an analysis based on the current business situation, economic outlook, as well as other market aspects believed to be relevant for companies operating or planning to establish themselves in the UK.

This year, the survey was sent out to 287 company representatives. The answers were collected during March and April 2022, with 41 respondents providing answers.

Lastly, we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the participating companies and respondents which have contributed to this report.